As an artist turned architect, Jacquelyn is interested in using creativity to solve functional problems. She has always had an interest in buildings, and was sketching building sections before she knew what they were. She earned a Master’s in Architecture from Morgan State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hamilton College in New York. Throughout her career she has worked with clients in numerous capacities and designed projects in the US and abroad. Whether working as an owner’s representative or a consulting architect, she is passionate about the process. She is fascinated by cities and the complexities of designing in urban settings.

Jacquelyn is a Maryland native and her career began with the design of a large teaching hospital in Baltimore. Later, in New York, her work focused on retail, hospitality and healthcare design. Now she has come full circle with her work at LSY, once again designing spaces for scientists. In her personal time, Jacquelyn volunteers with The Neighborhood Design Center to help communities address affordable housing and food insecurities. She is also an avid supporter of the performing arts, especially ballet and theater.

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